Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Barbaro's dead! Pass the steak sauce

I don't like animals, unless I'm eating them.

So, though I admired Barbaro's performance in the Derby, the first thing I thought of when he was killed was of my favorite restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium.

It's a place called De Perdestaal, and it's built in an old horse stable in the gorgeous old center of Antwerp (great beer city, too, by the way). They specialize in horse, which is a popular dish in Belgium, particularly in Flanders, it seems.

I've been to this De Perdestaal place a couple of times for horsesteaks and fries. It tastes just like beef. In fact, you wouldn't know the difference.

You can also buy something in Belgian delis called Anvers Ham, which is basically horse cured like prosciutto. (Anvers is the French name for Antwerp). Great stuff.

There's another great horse restaurant in Grand Place in Brussels, the main city square. Can't remember the name. But beautiful restaurant.

Hey, Europeans eat horse. And, as we hear so often, Europeans are far more sophisticated than Americans. So eating horse must be good.

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