Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Naked chick: our first sighting in blogdom!

We're new to this blog thing ... really, just started this blog today. But there's a button up top that says "next blog." Apparently, if you click it, it randomly brings you to some random blog out there in cyberspace.

You think we're fucked, you should see some of the people out there in blogdom.

This is what I got the very first time I got up the gumption to click the "next blog" button a moment ago:

Warning: gratuitous photos (self-posted, apparently) of naked, 50-ish Italian woman!


Anonymous said...

Naked woman? Yes of course, but I think that's the only right thing you've seen. Sorry, honey.

Gratuitous?... maybe you mean free?
Apparently?...maybe you mean actually
50ish?...oh my gosh!!!!
Italian?...That's Catalan, sunshine. At least you didn't say Chinese...

Anyway, sure they loved the comment.

Anonymous said...

Please do not follow her example. No naked coldhard pics, please.