Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Go Bears, but not cause I'm hatin'...

I learned so much in 2004. The Red Sox, after 86 years of heartbreak and tragedy, won the World Series. I yelled and jumped on the bar. I pumped my fist. I think I lost control of my bladder. Then about 2 weeks later, I just didn't give a shit about the Red Sox anymore.

They lost what had drawn me to them in the first place.. There was no sympathy. I loved the Red Sox because I identified with them. I'm sure that beyond my own lack of success and my seemingly endless montage of self-inflicted failures there's more to our bond, but I'll leave it at that.

I think the Colts, and more specifically, Peyton Manning stand to become far less interesting if they win. They'll be winners. Just another team that won the Superbowl. Instead of the tragic saps of the first 6 Manning playoff appearances..

I bet I'm not the only person who saw the movie "mean girls".. You know how when Lindsay Lohan rises into the cool clique? How all those who supported her felt she had changed and become what they hated?

Well, with all sincerity, I just don't want to lose one of us..

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