Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The great Bart Starr

Watched the "America's Game" feature on the 1966 Packers last night. What a great, great team. The 1967 Packers team kind of lucked and limped into that third straight title. But this was the last of the truly great Packers teams. Dominated their opposition by better than a 2-to-1 margin.

Bill Curry was a rookie at center ... forgot that Jim Ringo didn't play on all those Packers dynasty teams. Paul Hornung was limping around on his last legs, unable to really contribute to that team ... didn't even take a snap in SB I. Jim Taylor was still a monster, but was fighting with Lombardi.

Oh, yeah, and Bart Starr had probably his greatest season. He may be the greatest QB ever ... pinpoint accuracy, tough, ballsy leader, winner and five-time champion. But everyone talks about the great team around him. Well, one of the reasons that team was great was because their QB and on-field leader was the best in the business.

Starr's teammates really thought the world of him, and he was the one with the cachet to stand up to Lombardi for them.

Think of that backfield: HOFers Taylor, Hornung and Starr. That's pretty fuckin' good.

The best part of the whole thing on the 66 Packers was SB I hero Max McGee talking about all the chicks he used to bang ... and he was just a back-up. Imagine all the tail Hornung must have tagged.

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