Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hall of Famers in this Super Bowl

Every good Super Bowl needs Hall of Famers, and XLI is no different. This one appears to be a bit low on star power, but in 15 years, we could say that we saw 10 Hall of Famers in Miami back in the old-school days of 20-aught-seven.


QB Peyton Manning, Colts:
Even if he suffers a career-ending injury on the first play Sunday, he's in.
LB Brian Urlacher, Bears: Win or lose, as long as Urlacher plays two or three more excellent years he's going to Canton. He might already be in.
WR Marvin Harrison: Already 1,000 catches. In.

K Adam Vinatieri: The Hall doesn't let kickers in (only George Blanda, who was also a QB). But Assuming Vinatieri is still kicking at 40 -- most good kickers do -- he's going to be a no-brainer. A memorable kick Sunday against the Bears, and he's pretty much a lock.


T Tarik Glenn, DE Dwight Freeney, WR Reggie Wayne, S Bob Sanders, Colts: If the Colts can win two or three Super Bowls, all of these guys have got a shot -- assuming they stay in Indy.
DT Tommie Harris (inactive), Bears: A force in the middle, but the Bears would have to have a real run of success for him to get the credit needed for a Hall spot.
C Olin Kreutz, Bears: A bit of a longshot, but he's a six-time Pro Bowler that still isn't 30.
Tony Dungy, Colts: A win Sunday would go a long way, and if he coaches until he's 60 (eight more years) he'll probably have 200 wins (122 so far).

RB Joseph Addai, DE Mark Anderson, RB Cedric Benson, QB Rex Grossman (that's right, I said Rex Grossman! It could happen!)

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