Sunday, May 20, 2007

Around the web: beer & football

A few nifty links to bide the time during the interminable off-season (during which time we'll try to perfect this little blog addition to the CHFF).

Deere saves horse
From the Dallas Morning News: New Cowboys offensive lineman Leonard Davis (recently acquired from Arizona) used his John Deere the other day to pull a trapped horse out of the mud. The picture is priceless.

Retro look for Steelers
This story is a couple weeks old, but comes to us from the bad-timing department. The Steelers are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year with new uniforms, a new mascot and a fan-voted 75th anniversary all-time team.

But unless you live in Pittsburgh, you haven't heard about it.

There's a reason why: the organization made the announcement the Friday before the draft, when football fans had other things on their mind. They would have made a bigger splash if they made the announcement oh, I don't know, today, with nothing of note going on in the football world.

* See the new unis, helmet and mascot here
* Get the Post-Gazette's take here
* And vote for Pittsburgh's all-time team here

We'll offer up our all-time Steelers team this summer.

They most definitely hate the Patriots
There’s a new blog out there devoted to a passionate hatred of the Patriots. The name says it all:

It looks like it’s run by N.Y. Jets fans, but it's reaching out to all those united by a single common bond: an intense hatred of the Patriots (check out the very funny May 3 post, “Why We Hate”). The site’s pretty clever and an entertaining read.

New uniforms for Boise State
The Broncos pulled off a win for the ages in January, in one of the great televised sporting events ever. So they enter the 2007 season as a new media darling … and with new uniforms. The change is not quite as dramatic as Pittsburgh’s. Now, if they’d only get rid of that obnoxious blue field.

The best QB you don't know
The blog Carson’s Corner has a look at the incredibly productive but incredibly low-wattage quarterback Marc Bulger of St. Louis. Blogger Brian Carson offers up some nifty Cold, Hard Football Facts in his piece about Bulger, long a CHFF favorite, but misses the big one: the anonymous Bulger has the fifth best passer rating in NFL history! Interestingly, we took a look at the most consistent QBs in football two years ago, and Bulger topped the list.

Eagles ready to trade McNabb?
Philly Inquirer columnist Don McKee reports that it’s a possibility.

O.K., it’s not football
Another story out of Philly: columnist Bill Conlin chimes in with an interesting little statistical look at the historic futility of the Phillies as they approach the 10,000-loss milestone in franchise history. They’d need to go 162-0 for seven straight seasons, and 59-0 in the eighth, to reach .500 as a franchise. The Phillies were founded in 1883, making them one of the oldest franchises in North American sports. They have just one World Series championship to show for it (1980).

Philly Sucks
You think your sports teams suck? It could be worse. You could live in Philly. One Philadelphia sports fan has an entire site devoted to the sports teams in his city, “where suckage is a way of life.”

According to the ticker on Philly, it’s been 8755 days+ since a Philadelphia sports team last won a major sports title. That’s nearly 24 years for those of you keeping score at home (Sixers in 1983).

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