Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Masters of the scare tactic

Nobody has mastered the scare campaign quite like the global warming wackos.

Sure, the planet may be getting warmer ... but so isn't every other planet in the solar system ... not to mention the sun itself.

Yet check out this story about the impending total meltdown of the Greeland ice cap.

Funny about Greenland. It's about to disappear as we know it ... yet I was in Maine last week and the Kennebec River was still frozen solid from Bingham on up.

(Conveniently, the article put no timeframe on the epic upcoming meltdown of Greenland ... but baced on the pace of the Kennebec ice melt, I'm guessing in about 1 million years ... long after a meteor has already destroyed human life anyway.)

Of course, at the end of the article you find a scientist begging for money to continue investigating the problem.

But I look at it this way: if man-made global warming has already been proven a fact, why are we spending any more money on it? That'd be like spending money to study the existence of gravity.

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Kirkjerk said...


Sure, it might be the sun heating up. And if it's REALLY heating up, maybe we're all crispy critters anyway.

That doesn't mean we're not making it worse. Or that maybe by studying the issue, that we can't try and find something to do about it... personally I have dumbass scifi dreams of massive engineering projects, but I dunno.