Monday, May 14, 2007

Notifiy Kyoto: Mars getting warmer, too!

For years, those with the sanity to question the religious zealots in the global warming community have pointed to the fact that the sun itself is actually in a warm period and that other planets are getting warmer, too.

Even the European media establishment has taken a break from bashing the Unitd States to publish a piece about global warming on Mars: check out this piece in the Times of London.

It seems that the ice cap on Mars is in danger of melting, too. Last I checked, the evil US capitalist responsible for global warming on earth was not running things on Mars.

In an unrelated note, China opens one to two new coal-burning plants every day, yet is exempt from the global-warming agreements like Kyoto.


Pigskin said...

Bah, environmentalists say the world population causes the temperature to rise... I say that due to the increase in temperature the global population increases...

Anonymous said...

Nice try, but the global warming people believe that we are in a NATURAL warming period and that pollution is exacerbating this.

That article confirms the former but does absolutely nothing to debunk the latter.

It's funny that you don't think we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than that of a communist dictatorship.

KezzaB said...

The communist dictatorship is held to NO standard. That's the problem.

Everyone agrees that all people need and should do more to be more environmentally friendly. This is not in dispute.

The problem is the misguided agenda of the environmentalists: they use a potentially serious (keyword, potentially) issue is use it as a hammer to bash capatalist societies and the US in particular. Their political aims are obvious. And their true lack of concern for the environment is obvious, too.

If they're really concerned about the environment, their ire would be aimed at the filthy, third-world polluters of the world like China. Instead, the countries that pose a true danger are given a free pass.

Anonymous said...

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