Thursday, May 3, 2007

Only in San Francisco

Nobody eats meat as prodigiously, or as proudly, as the Cold, Hard Football Facts crew.

If it bleeds it leads at our tailgates.

But not everyone feels the same. Check out this story from, where else, San Francisco. This woman used to eat meat, but now that she's a vegetarian the smell (not even the taste) of meat makes her gag. I think that's what you'd call a psycho-somatic reaction. It's all in her head, in other words.

And - in typical freak fashion - her miserable lifestyle choices make those around her miserable too.

I don't smoke ... don't like it. But when they started cracking down on smoking in privately owned places (i.e., restaurants and bars) I knew it was only a matter of time before the Freak Patrol tried to ban other unhealthy activities (like eating bacon or red meat) that they don't like.

This story is the pitter-patter over the horizon of the approaching Freak Storm.


Warhawk said...

The smell of vegetarians makes me gag. Can we ban them from entering public spaces?

Anonymous said...

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