Thursday, February 1, 2007

Purple Pride

And we thought Prince was the weird one. When it was the Purple One vs. Michael Jackson for pop supremacy, MJ seemed the safer bet for a stable outcome.

But as we now know, MJ was fugged up beyond belief and Prince ... well, he was just a Sexy Motherfucker. And thanks to the efforts of our friends in the legal world, we get Prince instead of MJ when it's time to bring back the 80s -- and that's cool.

Prince was always the more talented guy -- he's an incredible guitar player, for one, which he gets little credit for, and he's always kept it real. The sight of Michael Jackson kissing Lisa Marie Presley remains the most disturbing image this side of "Faces of Death III."

For all you need to know about Prince, here's Jamie Foxx on the subject.

The 5 Best Prince Songs. Ever.
5. Kiss. I can't help it, I make the kiss sound along with Prince every time. Please don't strip me of my official Man Card.
4. Purple Rain. Get me at a karaoke bar and I just might sing it for you.
3. Sometimes It Snows In April. Off the "Under the Cherry Moon" soundtrack. Yeah, I own it. Sorry.
2. Let's Go Crazy. In my book, every good mix tape starts with Let's Go Crazy -- and I'd be willing to bet all of my money ($451.52) that Prince opens with it on Sunday.
1. Darling Nikki. Probably won't make it onto the playlist Sunday, but damn.

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