Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Borges, plus original football writing

Ron Borges didn't commit crimes against humanity, but ...

I used to be a sports editor of a daily newspaper, and it pisses me off that he gives sportswriters a bad name they mostly don't deserve.

I like Ron personally, but he should have known better for many reasons -- including the fact that maybe no sports writer in American history has been so scrutinized. In New England, he has legions of haters that track his every move. Duh! How could he think no one would pick this up?

Anyway, he probably deserved the suspension, and I hope he comes back to the job with some renewed energy for a job most of us would kill for.

Now let's never speak of it again.

On to football!

1. If the Falcons don't sign Joe Horn, they have no idea what they're doing. According to reports (ones that i didn't write and won't pass off as my own), the Falcons are Horn's first choice. What an amazingly perfect fit for the ATL -- a veteran receiver that is still damn good. Durability is an issue (9 games missed last 2 years), but Horn averaged almost 70 yards a game in 2006 (which projects to 1,120 yards for 16 games. Plus, he's a leader. You're on the clock, Falcons.

2. Why are all the good white receivers on the free-agent market? Drew Bennett goes to the Rams, where Kevin Curtis used to be (and is visiting the Vikings). Wes Welker is worth a second-rounder to the Patriots. And just for spice, Brandon Stokley and Sean Morey are available too. Am I missing anybody? What in the name of Steve Largent is going on here? There haven't been this many white receivers in the spotlight since "Invincible" was released in theaters.

3. The Broncos are brilliant, part two. They trade Tatum Bell (and joggin George Foster) for Dre Bly, then sign Travis Henry -- a big upgrade -- to be their RB. Nice move, especially for Henry, who could be a 1,500-yd back in 2007.

4. Another city for Brad Johnson. I like the Cowboys' signing of Johnson, even though I wanted to personally punch him in the face for fooling the Vikings into thinking he was still a legitimate starter. He was awful for my Vikes last year. But he's a great backup, smart and still with some skills left -- and with the Cowboy offense, he'd probably be decent.

5. Speaking of the Vikings. Good job, guys! You have a load of cap room, and so far you signed TE Vicanthe Sciancoe. Did I spell that right? Who cares! Get a good skill player, you assholes!

6. Patrick Kerney? Zzzzzzzz. The Seahawks spent big bucks on Kerney, who's 30 and has 11 sacks in his last two seasons (missed seven games in 2006). I'm not feeling it. But he's definitely better than me, especially at football.

7. There's no "T" in team. Now that the Patriots have Kyle Brady in camp, will Tom Brady be "T. BRADY" on his jersey and Kyle Brady be "K. BRADY"? Or will Kyle get a K. and Tom stay the same? Oh, the horror.

8. Comeback Player of the Year 2007: Daunte Culpepper. Yes, I do have a Culpepper jersey and MacFarlane figure. But that doesn't make my biased. Oh, maybe it does. Either way, I like Big Teal's chances next year -- in his poor 2006 stint with Miami, he had no mobility, but the same arm and intensity. A healthy Culpepper will be a big boost for the Dolphins. That's all I'm saying. And while the Dolphins are exploring their options, how about trading for Randy Moss. LET'S PUT THE BAND BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!

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