Monday, March 5, 2007

Tacoma reader "offended"

As a regular reader of the Tacoma News Tribune, Seahawks Insider Blog, I’m offended at the March 4th "Football Notes" article. The similarities between the discussion of the Seahawks’ Darrell Jackson situation in the March 4th "Football Notes" article bear an uncanny resemblance to the work of Mike Sando of the Tacoma News Tribune on February 25th, 2007,

Firstly, I’d expect a journalist for a paper as esteemed as the Boston Globe to behave more responsibly. Secondly, Mr. Borges’ lapse in judgment is perhaps more egregious as to cleave the credit for the work from the very hard-working, oft-blogging Mike Sando of the less heralded, but well regarded, Tacoma News Tribune.

I’m hoping the proper steps are taken to rightly attribute much of the work for the article to Mr. Sando, and I should think that Mr. Sando and your readers deserve some assurances that this event will not be repeated.

Brian Perry
Redmond, WA

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