Monday, March 5, 2007

"tired of Ron Borges"

As an avid reader of the "Boston Globe", I've grown tired of Ron Borges opinion pieces being dressed up as sports news every Sunday. Do the managers and editors of the Globe really believe that their readers are so dim that they can't figure out Borges has personal agenda against everything Patriots?

It doesn't matter what the Patriot organization does, if it's news worthy, I know I can count on the Globe and Borges to give me the negative slant. Now as predictable as that is, I've come to deal with it, however I have to wonder what has become of the Globe when they let their writers plagiarize other writers work, carry out personal vendettas in the pages of their publication, and openly contradict their own writings from one publication to another. Where's the credibility??? The bottom line is that this is not "NEWS", and as long as Borges is affiliated with the "Boston Globe", I'll be purchasing the "Herald". Thank you for your time.

- W.S.

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