Monday, March 5, 2007

"Mr. Borges lifted whole sections"

Dear editors:

I am a subscriber and reader of The Boston Globe. I believe it is a newspaper of great character and quality reporting. This is why I believe that The Boston Globe should remove from its staff sportswriter Ron Borges.

Mr. Borges has committed in the past several questionable actions which have prompted complaints. But now, he stands accused of a highly damaging charge in the world of journalism -- plagiarism. It is clear that Mr. Borges lifted whole sections of a Feb. 25 column by Mike Sando of The News Tribune of Tacoma and used them in his March 4 "Football notes" column.

I demand as a reader of the Globe sports page that only those that follow the rules of journalism be allowed to write for this publication. Mr. Borges does not meet these standards and he must be released immediately from the Globe staff. Please consider this request so as to further the great name of The Boston Globe and to provide the people of Boston the best quality news available.

Dan Rozenson

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