Friday, March 2, 2007

Broncos-Lions trade

According to, the Broncos will trade T George Foster, RB Tatum Bell and a fifth-round pick to the Lions for Dre Bly.

Interesting move. Bly is still kinda sorta considered a top notch corner, and if he's good the Broncos could be scary in the secondary with Bly and Bailey.

Clinton Portis for Bailey, Bell/Foster for Bly. Probably both steals. I don't think Bell is a star in the making, and the Broncos had soured on Foster.

Give the Broncos credit for their willingness to make ballsy moves -- there's a reason they're good every year.

Also on the Broncos, the fact that they had two young players die in the first two months of the offseason is just bizarre and terrible. One Bronco, WR Brandon Marshall, was with Darrent Williams when he was killed and also was with RB Damien Nash when he died of a heart problem. What a horrible burden to bear.

I've always been kind of a Bronco hater, but something like that makes you realize that hate is kind of a stupid emotion to have for a football team.


apoch said...

I know it was a good pick up for the Broncos, but given that Bly's talents would be underutilized by the tampa 2 Marinelli is trying to put in and Bly's wanting to get out of Detroit (and who can blame him?), how good a move was it for the Lions? Did Millen screw up again or is Bell going to be a decent back up for Kevin Jones?

colonel comey said...

yeah, good move for both.