Monday, March 5, 2007

"worst columnist I've seen ... in my 58 years"

Good afternoon:

As a 35 year Patriots season ticket holder I am an ardent reader of the Boston Globe and have thoroughly enjoyed the sports pages of the Globes my whole life and not only football but all of the sports. I think Mike Reiss is a great young writer and reporter and his blog is the first item I bring up when I go on the computer to check on my favorite team. He always seems to be ahead of the curve and is highly informative with the proper perspective that Patriots fans are looking for.

My friends and I have commented many times lately that Michael Felger of the Herald has become more negative and looking for ways to attack the Patriots management and we laughingly say "he is trying to become a mini Borges". He is starting to turn us off, which Borges had done 4-5 years ago. Which brings me to my point. Sunday morning I got up early and on to my computer to read about the Patriots big free agent splash of Saturday and went first to Mike Reiss's article in the Globe and then to the Herald and then on to all the major web football sites.

I then went and read the Globe obituaries and after getting a little depressed I went to Ron Borges Sunday article "On Football" as is my normal custom to get a good laugh and remove my depression. This had to be the absolutely worst column I have ever read by him as it was so slanted to take away from a Patriots fan's enjoyment because of his so obvious bias against Belichek and so contradictory to what he had written previously about Adalius Thomas and his abilities.

I also had heard him on Felger's show talk about Thomas in glowing terms and comment that the Patriots would never make an effort to get him. I think I spent about 2 hours talking to friends about what a jerk he is and how we all should stop reading his articles as it is not worth looking for information from someone who has such an agenda and will spin his stories to make the Patriots look bad.

So now I read about how he plagiarized a portion of his column from a writer in Tacoma Washington and fully realize that he has gone over the edge. I also have heard that the AFC source he was quoting in knocking Thomas was that high character loser of a coach, Marvin Lewis. He really knows how to bring in quality players.

I know this will not happen, but I feel that a very high quality newspaper like the Boston Globe should not have a person like this writing for them and urge you to disassociate yourselves from any further services with Borges. I will never read another article written by Borges or watch him on Folger's FSN TV show.

I don't need to be lied to by a person like this, as sports is for my enjoyment, not to make me angry. He has gone past laughing at and is the worst columnist I have seen in Boston in my 58 years of watching and reading about Boston sports when my father introduced me to the Red Sox, Braves, and Celtics at the age of 6. All the great columnists that have come out of the Globe (Gammons, Montville, Ryan, Edes, McDonough, Holly, Cefardo, Reiss) must be ashamed that Borges is allowed to write for the same great paper.

Thank you for any attention you might give this letter.
Samuel R. Starr Boxborough, MA


Anonymous said...

Samuel, I have to agree with you on reading both Borges and Felger's pieces. They both have it in their head that they are entitled to be in Patriots management or something. They are using the media as an extension of their own personal agendas and trying to create a persona for the airwaves and television. They want to be the villain to draw attention to themselves. I find it a waste of my time to read or watch these two blowhards spout their venom.

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