Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Madness

I used to be the biggest college hoops fan on the planet. This was back in 1987, when I was a junior in high school -- I could have named the starting five for literally every team in Division 1, right down to Cleveland State.

Now, I can name three players -- Greg Oden, Kevin Durant and Stefan Curry of Davidson.

Who is Stefan Curry? Well, my all-time favorite athlete is Dell Curry, who was a shooting guard for the Hornets in the 1980s and 90s. Why? I'm not sure. I adopted him when I was 14, and my email address as a 36-year-old is I have a mini Starting Lineup figure of him on top my computer, a signed photo on the wall. His college jersey in my closet. His game-worn shoes.

It's a sickness.

Anyhoo, it happens that Dell's son Stefan is tearing it up as a freshman at Davidson, averaging over 20 points a game and shooting threes like his daddy. Despite my years of stalking Dell Curry, I didn't hear about his son until recently.

It's pretty exciting to have a team to root for now -- I don't have an alma mater, and none of the big schools do it for me. I root for my old favorite, Va. Tech, Xavier, Oklahoma, but now I'm all Davidson all the time.

Unfortunately, their nickname is Wildcats, which should be permanently retired as a nickname. But that's ok.

Go Cats!


dplunk said...

This is one topic I agree with Skip Bayless on. The NCAA Tournament is too up in the air. Any team can beat any other team on a given day. I know that is the whole point of the thing and the basis for all of the excitment. But I don't think it is a true measure of who the best team is. Its just who is the hottest and who gets the best matchup. Fun to watch, but I don't think its comparable to 7 game playoffs as far as finding the best team.

Anonymous said...

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