Monday, March 5, 2007

"looking elsewhere for news"

I am truly disgraced with the latest attempt at sports journalism by the Globe. Ron Borges and Dan Shauhnessy continue to get a forum for their agenda ridden content.

As a new England native living out of the area I have used your website to keep up with the news. I have already turned to other sources for Redsox content and am now at my end with Borges.

His latest attempt at a column this weekend in which he absolutely contradicts himself with what he said on Friday is ridiculous. With the news of him Plagiarizing other columnists I strongly suggest going in another direction with your columnists'. I would like to say that Mike Reiss has done a tremendous job and feel he is the only person that can be relied on for sports news from your newspapper. With that being said this is one customer who will be looking elsewhere for there news.

Thanks for you time.

Allen Costa

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