Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hey, fans are dumb too!

I don't know why this caught my eye, but it did.

Reading an ESPN bit on Randy Moss to Tampa rumors (a possibility, I guess). some reader left the following comment: "It wont really matter if the BUcs dont have a QB. Simms is the worst QB to ever play the game. H can thank his dad for getting him the job."

Hmm. Now, I know we unwashed masses are collectively Time's defending Person of the Year for our media-producing efforts, but ...

This post for some reason confirmed something in my own mind: most people still don't know shit. Or how to type a coherent sentence.

Do people really think Phil Simms is so powerful that he can get his son to start in the NFL? Then why isn't Bill Gates' son in the NFL? And that Simms is really that terrible? Nah, I think people just love to open their mouths and let the excrement pour loose. When you don't have anything to say, say that something sucks and give a random reason why.

Of course, no one that would read CHFF would be so crass.

Here are a couple more:

A Bengal fan that wants Adrian Peterson.

Our offense would be unstopable. It would be better than the 88 team. I dont care what we have to do to get him. Trade Justin for picks and use those picks plus our 1st rounder to move up. Where is he projected to go? Dont give me that draft defense crap either. They have no clue how to pick players on d. Our D sukks and we can draft superman and it will still sukk. Peterson is the best weapon in this draft and would be the top pick if he stayed healthy in college. Also please cut John Thorton and thank Jesus we didnt sign sorry ayss Joey Porter.

Here's a Ram fan who thinks they have too much offense (they just signed Randy McMichael):

Good move just another piece added to our new and improved deadly offense but does Linehan realise there is only one ball allowed in play at any one time? the hell is he gonna share the ball around all of these players, one thing is for sure, i would not pick any Rams WR or TE to be on your fantasy team this year:


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NickTheExploder said...

I've long subscribed to the belief that 80% of fans in the U.S. are complete idiots, so I'm at peace with all of this.

Also, the Red Sox should trade Manny Ramirez and J.D. Drew because they have bad attitudes and fake injuries. But bring back Trot Nixon! He's a gritty gamer.