Monday, March 5, 2007

"laziness and stupidity"

To the Globe,

The paper must make it clear that intellectual integrity still has a home on Morrisey Boulevard. The disclaimer at the end of the "notes columns"cannot be used to shield the wholesale lifting of another reporter's work. The crime may well not rise to the level of plagiarism, but laziness and stupidity on the part of the reporter and editors for allowing this sort of thing must be dealt with. At a minimum, a public apology and some time on the bench for Mr. Borges would sound good if tied to a clearly articulated statement by the paper regarding these columns.

You folks took away my favorite writer when Barnacle was shown the door and you were right for doing so after his multiple offenses. Please show intellectual integrity in this case and do so in a public way. Only then can the public continue to have faith in the Globe.

Eric M. Greene, Esquire

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Anonymous said...

This is what those spineless panty waste sports editors like Joe Sullivan wanted to happen. By no means were they surprised by this washed up beat writer who can't find his ass from his elbow