Monday, March 12, 2007

If cable only had 5 channels, which would you choose?

I think I'd be happy enough with just five channels on my cable dial, especially if it cost less than $100 a month or whatever the hell I pay.

1. ESPN. Yeah, it's standard, but what are you gonna do? ESPN is like salt and pepper -- you take it for granted, but you'd be lost without it.

2. NFL Network. Another no-brainer. Today, it's an eight-hour marathon of NFL Films outtakes. What on TV would be better than that?

3. FOX. Here's my rationale: I'd get whatever local news I need, plus Family Guy, American Idol and NFC football games.

4. Game Show Network. My wife and I have to watch something together, plus Richard Dawson.

5. NBC. I'll take Sunday night football, plus The Office and E/R, over AFC football and crap on CBS. It's a tough call though.

Note: We're having our first baby in a month, so soon my five channels will probably have to include something that involves "Sesame Street." Fuckin' kids.


nick the exploder said...

I've recently discovered the wonders of Fox Soccer Channel. Basically non-stop Premiership action with the occasional Serie A, Liga, MLS and international friendly thrown in for good measure. If that wasn't enough, the British wrap-up shows each morning put it over the top.

I know, soccer? Yes, soccer. The colonel will back me up on this.

castlelong said...

Doesn't the NFL channel include the games from Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN?

My five would be:

1) NFL
2) History Channel (AKA the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler channel)*
3) Comedy Channel*
4) Sci-Fi channel*
5) Cartoon Network**

* off season is long
**I've got kids

Pete said...

Interesting question...

Here is my five:
1. NFL Network (a given)
2. ESPN (a given)
3. Fox (Jack Bauer + Stewie)
4. Spike (for free UFC)
5. FX

Anonymous said...

I thin I'd go with:

NFL Network
History Channel
Comedy Channel
The Big 'Uns Network

Nathan said...

1) NBC, Scrubs, Numb3rs and Heroes

2) CBS, AFC football is the only football worth watching

3) Comedy Central, best channel on television, Eric, Kenny, Stan, and Kyle, Daily Show and Colbert, Scrubs, good stuff

4) FSN, gotta watch my Celts

5) TNT, Law & Order and more basketball, love to watch those Suns, 2nd most interesting team in sports to watch to my Pats.

Too bad ESPN didn't make it. But honestly, there isn't much stuff that's good on it. College basketball and football is all about the players getting to the pros to me.

FOX gives me nothing. Sunday night is ok, but I can live w/o it. As for NFC games, SO BORING and SO BAD. Their news show is just propaganda. Daily Show'll and the internet keeps me up on everything. Still waiting for Iran to free those hostages, 27 years and counting. I remember you guys.