Monday, March 5, 2007

"exceed(s) ... boundaries of ethical journalism"

Dear Mr. Gilman,

As a Boston Globe subscriber from Hanover, MA., I'm writing this email to you in order to express my outrage at the numerous acts of plagiarism committed by Ron Borges. The most recent examples of his "work" in stealing verbatim text from a writer in Seattle WA. (Mike
Sando) exceed in any measurable way the boundaries of ethical journalism and I believe reflect very poorly upon your newspaper.

As you are aware, this is merely the latest in a long string of inconsistencies associated with Mr. Borges, who often times states one opinion in your newspaper and at the same times states a diametrically opposite opinion in another forum - radio interview or Internet outlet.
An example of this can be found as recently as this past Friday (March
2nd) when Mr. Borges stated that then Baltimore Ravens linebacker Adalius Thomas was his #1 choice for best value player and was destined to make an impact on whatever team drafted him (paraphrased).

Two days later in the Sunday Globe, he questions whether or not Thomas is good enough to play for the Patriots.

Another example of of his inconsistency is your publication of his football "picks". He picks one
group of selections for the Globe and selects different teams for other outlets. When confronted with this issue, Mr. Borges responded on a local radio show (ESPN-Boston) that he doesn't even make the picks for the Globe - he said an intern does.

Either way, this places his credibility firmly in question and makes me wonder what else is being misrepresented at your newspaper.

His lack of objectivity is annoying to say the least, and in my opinion believe that your newspaper will be a far better publication when Ron Borges is fired. If the Boston Globe is to maintain any level of credibility, you must terminate him immediately - to do any less would
be a disservice to your other fine writers and to your readers who have every right to expect that what they read every day in the Globe is accurate, unbiased, and original.

Paul Austin

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