Monday, March 5, 2007

"most biased writer I have ever seen"

Rob Borges has gone from beating old men walking with a cane to plagiarism. What will it take for you people to fire this idiot. He is the most biased writer I have ever seen letting his personal hatred of all things Patriot so effect his views that he has alienated the entire New England region. Not only is the column referred to below with examples show his plagiarism, his personal hatred was demonstrated by declaring Adalius Thomas the best free agent available two days before saying it was a terrible signing by the Pats and tearing the player apart.

As long as Borges writes for the Globe I will never buy it

The bulk of his March 4 column was plagiarized from the News Tribune of Tacoma, WA column by Mike Sando on Feb 25.

- Martin Favorite

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