Monday, March 5, 2007

"hateful, despicable columnist"

Ladies and Gentlemen,
You must remove Borges from your pages immediately. He is the most borish, hateful, dispicable columnist at the Globe and thats quite a statement at your paper. Borges' off the charts bloated ego has finally caused his down fall as everyone without his blinding arrogance knows that you cant get away with blatant plaigerism in this day and age. He does not want to get fired, he is just tired and lazy and feels "entiltled." I always harken back to the glee he displayed upon the death of Will McDonough as he couldnt wait to have a HOF vote.

Borges suffers from the same inflated feeling of self worth that we saw from well known Mass Dems such as Flaherty and Finneran and he needs to share the same fate. Get rid of him...
By the way, the above thoughts and words are my own.

Thank you,
Jeff Morrill

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