Monday, March 5, 2007

Nova Scotia Seahawks/Sando fan is pissed

To all,

I'm a Seahawks fan and Sando is a top notch reporter for our team. He is my source for everything. He obviously works his tail off, as evidenced in his blog. You can ask him questions near real time and get responses. He's got a connection to the fans. I don't know him personally, never met him. But I'd go to bat for this guy. His work speaks for itself.

The fact that Borges is stealing his work is terribly offensive. Sando works for a small publication, and I'm guessing it's by choice because he has the ethic to move ahead. A big body like the Boston Globe should discipline harshly... Borges should never write under your name again. I couldn't get away with this much plaguirism in high school and Borges is pulling it off under a major publisher. An apology is in order to Mr. Sando.

Send him his check and fire Borges!


Jason Pape
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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