Monday, March 5, 2007

"I have been disgusted"

As an avid Patriots and Red Sox fan I've been rather surprised by the tone and reporting style of Boston Globe local sports coverage over the years. And at times I have been disgusted by said reporting. Ron Borges, in particular, is such an anomoly in quality, style and tone that I cannot read his articles anymore. You have a right to continue to employ him. And I can choose to ignore his work as I do not think it provides an acurate picture of the teams he covers and, thus, is not in the least bit informative.

Though I have questioned the quality of his work before I did not suspect him of plagiarism. I guess I assumed that though I did not find the Globe sports coverage informative. It was still held to appropriate journalistic standards. Seeing the infomation below posted on the Cold Hard Football facts website makes the charge of plagiarism in this instance very strong.

I am not a journalist but would very much like to know how and why the article written by Ron Borges in his football notes column on 3/4/07 does not constitute plagiarism. It seems clear to me that it is a shocking and straight forward example of plagiarism. In which case it is more then enough cause to terminate Borges' employment with the Globe.

Hopefully, Globe leadership is already evaluating this issue and will take swift action. If he is not terminated over this offense, though, I would really appreciate an explanation as to why/how this does not qualify as plagiarism.

Thank you for your time.
Maggie McCarthy

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