Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This is the most amazing thing ever!

OK, not really.

Just trying to suck you in. Like that picture? Thought you might. I thought instead of putting some random actress there I'd search the web for an interesting looking stranger. There she is. I call her "Miriam."

Anyway, in doing some research for an upcoming CHFF piece, I came across a cool story on former NFL safety Jake Scott (Super Bowl MVP with the Dolphins during undefeated season).

I know that Jake Scott might not be the most compelling subject to read a lengthy feature on, but this is a cool one. STORY! STORY! RIGHT CLICK, OPEN IN NEW WINDOW!

The Jake Scott-related CHFF story we're working on, BTW, is about the most deserving defensive players that aren't in the Hall.

It's a good piece. To sum it up, let me say that the collective members of the Hall of Fame committee know more about football than I'll ever know. That being said, we are going to make them look very bad.

Sorry fellas.

BONUS: Fishing for feedback here. Who is your favorite semi-obscure NFL player from the 1970s?

I was six when I first fell for football, and I loved the Seahawks. This lasted until I was 13 or so, and I've bounced around to a few favorite teams since -- kind of the Andre Rison of NFL fans.

I used to love their punter, Herman Weaver, mostly because of his name and because he seemed like a nice guy. Like I say, I was six, so I hadn't quite mastered the game yet.

That's my story, I'm sticking to it.

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dplunk said...

Since I was born in the 80s, its hard for me to give a response to the semi-obscure player from the 70s question.

But being a Dolphin fan, I was aware that Jake Scott was a safety on the early 70s SB teams. And I think he wore the number 13, which was also Marino's number. So I always kind of wondered how good Scott was. Was he good enough to be a HOFer? I am not even sure if he is in the Dolphins 'ring of honor' thing.