Sunday, February 4, 2007

Live Commentary for Super Bowl XLI

3:25. FG. Colts 22, Bears 14. Nance just told us that Indy has 370 yards of total offense to the Bears 93. The only way that's right is if they're measuring the Bears in centimeters. Chicago has been teetering on the brink of disaster all game, but managed to hang around enough to make you think they might actually have a shot to pull this thing out.

The Colts pull off just the hat trick CBS is praying for: poor kickoff, bad coverage and a penalty. Chicago ball on the Colts side of the 50. With the first short field they've had all game, Grossman yells to the sideline "I can do this thing...Please! Let me fumble it away!" but Lovie wisely overrules him. FG.

Colts 22, Bears 17. All those people who bitched about pulling "2-7" in the squares...kiss my ass.

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