Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Free beer is the best

One of the best parts of running this shady operation out of the comfort of the Cold, Hard Football Facts .com cardboard-box world headquarters is that I routinely get free shipments of beer ... often from parts unknown.

Today, the folks from Sam Adams wanted me to check out their new lager glass ... intended to accentuate the various qualities of their American classic. Essentially, it looks like a combination pint class/Belgian tulip glass, with a mouth that rolls open and out. Glasses that open like that are supposed to accentuate the aroma of the beer, in this case the German hops.

There is something of a science to beer glassses, and different styles often have an optimum type of glassware. In Europe, especially in Germany and Belgium, every single beer brand seems to come with its own special glass.
I don't know if this glass makes Sam Lager taste any better ... but it's a neat one to add to the collection. (One of the few pieces of furniture in the cardboard-box HQ is a large cherry hutch filled with mugs, steins, krugs and glasses from breweries all over the world ... oh, sure, I could have invested our pan-handled earnings in a toilet or a bed, but then we'd have nowhere to put all the beer mugs.)

At the very least, you got admire folks who make an effort to create new ways to enjoy their beer.

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