Sunday, February 4, 2007

Live Commentary for Super Bowl XLI

9:55. Another Grossman INT. No one's gonna wrestle the anti-MVP award away from him now. After the game he's going to say "I'm going to EuroDisney!!!"

Right now, the hacks in the press box are struggling to come up with the lamest one liner:
  • "Rex put the 'gross' in 'Grossman.' "
  • "This game featured more turnovers than a French bakery."
  • "The '85 Bears called William Perry 'The Fridge,' but the '07 Bears could've called Rex 'The Freezer' because he was ice cold."
You don't need to quote your source, Borges. Those are our gift to you.

Personally, though, I'd go with:
  • "We saw more balls turned over than in a Tera Patrick compliation video."

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