Monday, February 12, 2007

Pigskin Depression

They need a name for the malaise, the borderline depression, that overcomes you at the end of the football season.

It really hit me yesterday when I had nothing to do on Sunday. Oh, sure, I could have gone out and experienced the world, tried new things, visited the gym, called up old friends.

But, really, all I wanted to do was watch football.

I'll come up with a name for this phenomenon soon.

It's worse in football, with its seven-month offseason, than it is in other sports. Hell, baseball barely even has an off-season. As I like to say, the boys of summer begin spring training in the dead of winter and play halfway into autumn.

Really, the only months without baseball are November, December and January. Baseball fans don't even have time to work up a depression ... plus, that's the height of football season anyway.

It's even worse if you're a college fan: three months (Sept., Oct., Nov.) that's really all you got and then, poof! It's gone for the rest of the year.

The college football season is quick and fleeting, but oh so delicious while it's here ... like a bowl of Buffalo wings.


colonel comey said...

I think it makes it all the more sweet when it returns, though. And there's always football talk to be found.

champ24javon84 said...

I came up with treatment for this condition, I went to the Pro Bowl! I suggest it, I'm definitely recovering faster than I did last year from post-football season malaise.

Anonymous said...

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