Monday, February 26, 2007

Best Unsupported Actress

As we mentioned in our recommendation of the Oscars, it is worth checking out the coverage just to see the lack of coverage on Hollywood's finest female forms. Last night's red-carpet poon parade didn't disappoint.

The beauty of awards ceremonies is that the real competition takes place among all of the hotties in attendance. Maximum cleavage is encouraged, and bras are entirely optional.

To wit, here is a picture of the stunning Jessica Biel. Thankfully, it appears to have been a nippy night in Los Angeles.


Anonymous said...

Her dress reminds me of a World War II dog fight over the Pacific:

There's a little nip in the air.

hardright said...

Sadly, the red carpet babes really are the only reason to watch the Oscars any more.

The show itself has become like an old Soviet election: you know which people and what movies are going to win going in already.

The more left-wing the message, the more likely it is that the particular movie, filmmaker or actor is going to win.

"Lying for Columbine" was a shoo-in three years ago (big, bad gun lobby).

"Syriana" was a shoo-in last year (big, bad oil companies)

And Al Gore's ridiculous propaganda film was a shoo-in this year

And you can also bet that some actor, director or actress will win if it's "their turn"....Scorcese was the classic example of that this year, though it's hard to argue that "The Departed" wasn't the best film of 2006.

From now on, just give me the red carpet babes, and spare me the Soviet-style "awards" ceremony