Friday, February 16, 2007

Long live the Beer King!

Well, folks, there are only so many people in the world you can envy.

This was one of them:

Oh, sure, the fact that I'm still alive and he's dead evens the playing field. But, let's face it: we all hope our obituary says "Beer King," don't we?

That's right, folks, beer anthropologist Alan Eames has joined the great big brewery in the sky. The sad part is that I actually knew this dude.

Like most people from Vermont, he wasn't exactly screwed together too tighly. But, hey, who am I to argue with the "Beer King."


Anonymous said...

Not screwed together too tightly? He's got grieving loved ones, one of which is a daughter in grade school. This came right up for me doing a google search of his name. Please think about your words and how they might affect someone in a very difficult time. Cheers.

radioheart said...

This one was tough and a total stunner. Didn't know him well, but had just spoken to him the week before, and had heard him do his beer anthropology spiel in the past. Eames was a truly fascinating and fully unique man who probably would agree with the initial comment about "lax assembly," given his personality. The Beer King is Dead, Long Live the Beer King.