Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The cold, vengeful Chargers?

One CHFF reader, Greg Ferrara, proposed an interesting theory about the Schottenheimer firing: San Diego management is so pissed that they're willing to spite themselves just to screw the coach. Here's his theory:

You wrote in your article about Marty Schottenheimer being canned: "Why did the Chargers wait so long to drop the big one?"

Well, the article itself answered the question. Schotzy was hated by A.J. Smith. Look at the last line of your article: "and nobody but San Diego right now is looking for a coach." The effer wanted to get rid of him AND make sure he wouldn't land another coaching job.

Screwing your own team out of a top coaching candidate just to make sure the guy your booting doesn't get hired. Holy crapola that's cold! And I thought it was always 74 and sunny in San Diego. Of course there's always Norv Tur..dzxc,mngajh e.r Sorry, I fell asleep at the keyboard typing that name. Let me try again. Of course there's always Norv Tu.a,s..arkjo. Dammit! Of course there's always Norv Tuams.,gmje;;lk... ah hell, you know, that guy from the Skins and Dallas.


Anonymous said...

yeah, but they're still paying marty $4mill to not coach next year. san diego couldn't be that stupid, could they?

coldhard said...

I don't know ... maybe they can. None of it makes sense. If they were going to dump him, they should have done it right after their playoff loss.

colonel comey said...

yeah, i thought he was going to get the Grady Little treatment -- aka good coach has good season but fucks up so bad that he's just got to go. The Chargers' loss to the Pats was as bad as the 2003 Sox' Pedrogate.