Monday, February 19, 2007

Norv Turner: Why not?

The first reaction to Norv Turner getting the Charger job is easy: booooooring.

But, there's really no doubt that Turner is a top-notch NFL coach. He's been an assistant or head coach for 16 seasons, and while it hasn't all been peaches and cream it's been at least decent.

His career records:

1991 DAL (OC) 11-5
1992 DAL (OC) 13-3
1993 DAL (OC) 12-4
1994 WAS 3-13
1995 WAS 6-10
1996 WAS 9-7
1997 WAS 8-7-1
1998 WAS 6-10
1999 WAS 10-6
2000 WAS 7-6
2001 SD (OC) 5-11
2002 MIA (OC) 9-7
2003 MIA (OC) 10-6
2004 OAK 5-11
2005 OAK 4-12
2006 SF (OC) 7-9
TOTALS 125-127-1

His record as an offensive coordinator is clearly better than his head coaching record, but at this point in the game he was the safest pick in the universe. He's got the experience, and he's never had the talent (as a head coach at least) like he's going to have in San Diego.

And after watching the Raiders play football under Art Shell this year, Turner's two-year stint in Oakland starts to look like a smashing success.

Call him a two-time loser if you want, but don't expect a third losing stint this time around. Not a sexy choice, but for a team that's ready to win a Super Bowl, probably the right choice.

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Anonymous said...

My problem with Norv when he was with the Redskins was seeming inability to lead. When things were falling apart he would either A) Yell at the Refs B) Do nothing or C) Just shrugg his shoulders and say "Well yah know..."

No Norv I don't know. But San Diego is loaded with talent so maybe things will be different.