Sunday, February 4, 2007

Live Commentary for Super Bowl XLI

6:09 TD Domanick Rhodes. Colts 16, Bears 14. Jim Nance takes time out from plugging unwatchable CBS sitcoms and giving the Nobel Peace prize to the Head Coaches to actually say something interesting: The Colts have scored in every quarter in the post season. An absolutely amazing statistic for any team, but the Colts had to play on Wild Card weekend as well.

Anyone who watched the AFC Championship game (and why are you reading this if you didn't) knows that this is a critical posession for Chicago. Indy's offense is getting traction, and if the Bears don't answer with long drive, the only thing that will stop the Colts will be another tornado.

One first down. Punt. Rex Grossman is coming to the realization that he's still Rex Grossman.

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