Monday, February 5, 2007

The "Rex Throw"

Rex Grossman is a pretty good QB for 92 percent of his dropbacks. Throws a good ball, can move around in the pocket a bit, has good leadership abilities.

But in the weeks leading up to the big game, my friend Spooch the Bears fan and I talked a lot about "The Rex Throw." If he could avoid "The Rex Throw," the Bears might just win it.

And then, at the worst possible time: "The Rex Throw." It's when he gets pressure and just throws it up for grabs toward the sidelines -- I'd have to say 75 percent of his picks come that way, not on stuff he's trying to force into coverage.

In this case, it turned a winnable Super Bowl into a Colts win, and quite possibly means the end of his tenure as a starting QB in the NFL.


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Whalen said...

You're absolutely right, Colonel. I've seen him throw that pass more than once ... and when he flung it up there for grabs last night, I thought to myself: "Well, the game was fun while it lasted."

It's too bad. He probably was the most-maligned pre-Super Bowl QB in history, and he'd played pretty well up until that point (not that the Bears exactly dominated the clock).