Thursday, February 1, 2007

Patriots fans are babies

I'm sorry to say it, but it's true: Patriots fans, on the whole, are a petty bunch.

The scoop: is offering a poll on its main page: "How Many Super Bowl Rings Will Peyton Manning Win?" (right click to open ESPN on a new page and leave this one open).

Being a rational sort, I entered "2," figuring he was 60 percent this year and should have 6-7 shots left with the Colts.

Most of America agreed -- "2" was the No. 1 answer, followed by "1." But 22 percent said "None," and can you guess where the biggest doubters were? New England.

44 percent of Massachusettsians and 46 percent of Mainies voted for "none," totally out of proportion to the national averages. So, let's get this straight. The Colts beat your team fair and square in the AFC title game, but you're so unable to accept defeat that you deny that Manning will ever do anything special. Classy. Man, those are some sour ass grapes.

The only other place to vote None was Illinois, and they have a better excuse.

At least their team still has a chance to keep Manning in the "none" club -- unlike the Pats.


Anonymous said...

Ok, Mr. Football. Answer this one for me... Why should the Pats pick 2? Why, because the NFL or should I say the MFL, wants us to? Should we pick 2 because Payton is that good? Should we pick 2 because Payton finally made it to the Super Bowl? O wait, I understand your rationale, we should pick 2 because we do not want to be sour grapes! Ha, that is almost funny!

Brian said...

There are other reasons why Patriots fans may think less of Peyton Manning than the rest of the nation. They have been witness to some of his worst games and have seen him beaten more often than the rest of the nation.

colonel comey said...

Look, I like the Patriots a lot, but the fans' insistence on selling Manning short is irritating. That's all I'm saying. I ain't hatin' on ya. Although the crying baby was maybe a bit of an oversell.

greenjet said...

Dude, seriously, not everyone in Maine or Massachusetts is a Pats fan.

Monkeesfan said...

Manning needs his GM to get the NFL to make defenses lay off his receivers, and Patriots fans are supposed to respect the guy? I say the hell with Manning, Bill Bleeping Polian and the Indianapolis Dolts - we'll kill them on Opening Thursday 2007.