Saturday, February 3, 2007

Class of 2013

Speaking of future Hall of Famers, CHFF has been pretty rough on Brett Favre over the past couple of years. He was God awful in 2005, and just OK in 2006.

I wouldn't pretend to predict how Brett Favre would perform as the Green Bay Packers QB next year. Probably fairly well -- maybe a bit better than 2006, maybe a bit worse. He'll be a slightly below average QB in the NFL.

So, is he holding the Pack back?

I don't think so. If Aaron Rodgers is really looking great in training camp 07, the Pack wouldn't hesitate to give him the job -- i really believe that. But Rodgers has shown no such flashes of greatness. And so why not another year of Favre? It's not like it's impossible to find a good new QB in a pinch in the NFL.

Consider these new starters in 2006 --
  • Steve McNair (regardless of his playoff flop, the Ravens went 13-3)
  • Drew Brees NO
  • Vince Young TEN
  • Matt Leinart AZ
  • Jay Cutler DEN
  • Jon Kitna DET
And others who played great off the bench ...
  • Damon Huard KC
  • David Garrard JAX
  • Jeff Garcia PHI
  • Tony Romo DAL (has he stopped puking first thing every morning yet?)
That's 10 guys, and there were also breakthroughs like Alex Smith (SF), Jason Campbell (WAS), Phillip Rivers (SD), even JP Losman (BUF)

The point is this: there are plenty of good QBs left in the world -- you can build a winning team and find a QB to fit into it, it doesn't always have to be the other way around. It's not a one-way street.

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Anonymous said...

Favre? A "below average" quarterback? Maybe his stats imply this statement, because I'm pretty sure there are many teams in the league that would love the chance to have him over their current starter. (IE: the Super Bowl Bears!!!)