Thursday, February 8, 2007

HOF discrimination

Talked yesterday with Peter King of SI about the obvious disparity between the number of offensive players and number of defensive players in the HOF.

He seems legitimately concerned, and was happy to share his insight. We'll also be talking to several other HOF voters in the coming days and publishing a report on it in the very near future.

Most CHFF readers know the numbers:

109 offensive players in the two-platoon era, to just 63 defensive players. And, in the Live Ball Era (since 1978) the count is now 19 offensive players and 6 defensive players.

A few more nuggets I passed along to King and will send to the other HOF voters:

Among all the players who have joined the NFL since 1971, there are just 2 DBs in Canton: Ronnie Lott and Mike Haynes. That's it. Few others have even been among the finalists.

The good news is that King and others seem legitimately concerned about the issue.

My personal opinion is that HOF voters, like most of us, just find it easier to look at offensive stats and pick your HOFers that way. The problem, of course, is that there are few stats for defensive players. Tackles isn't even and official stat, for example, and sacks only became a stat in 1982.

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