Sunday, February 4, 2007

Live Commentary for Super Bowl XLI

Postgame. Final score: Indianapolis Colts 29, Chicago Bears 17.

A few random thoughts:
  • We're all happy for Tony Dungy. But there's not a man among us that wasn't having un-Christian thoughts when we saw what Mrs. Dungy looks like. No wonder he never yells or swears; what would he have to be mad about?
  • You know this game is a big deal when Roger Goodall presents the Lombardi Trophy to the Colts in the same hovering saucer thing that Senator Palpatine used to address the Imperial Senate.
  • Hopefully now that he's won a championship and a SB MVP, Peyton Manning can climb out of the obscurity he's labored under, get some recognition from the network pundits and finally pick up an endorsement deal or two.
  • Apparently all the other problems in the universe have been solved; both Colts' owner Jim Irsay and Dungy made it clear that God was on their side. In fact, the only one who got more mentions tonight than the Almighty was Charlie Sheen.
  • If I'd known the Creator of Heaven and Earth was on Indy's side, I would've laid the points.
  • I can't wait to wake up tomorrow knowing that all of soceity's problems have been solved.


hardright said...

Not to be a Manning contrarian or anything, but does anyone else think that Dominic Rhodes was probably the MVP of this game for Indy?

I know the MVP usually goes to the winning QB as long as he doesn't completely suck in the game, or if he isn't completely overshadowed by another player on this team (think Desmond Howard over Favre in SB XXXI), but Manning seemed to be more of a role player in this game to me.

Safe passes, lots of third down coversions, taking what the defense gave him. But Rhodes and Addai, to me, are what really made the Colts' offense so effective in this game....Rhodes more than Addai.

coldhard said...

I would have went with Rhodes probably ... or somebody on the defense. It was really the D that carried this team.

gcw said...

Gee, Jerry, it must be rough this morning being a Bears fan. I wouldn't know, since I'm out here in Indy. I'm thinking you're pretty much pouting because CHFF has blown it yet again on calling the big one with the Colts. Not only did you think New England would handily dispatch the Colts, you also thought -- even after all was said and done -- that the Bears would take the Colts, as well. I guess you guys just haven't had your fill of crow yet.


And "soceity's" is spelled "society's" -- just for the record. If you're going to slam the Colts, at least spell correctly.

Ant said...

I'd have given it to Addai personally he was in the game early and often against a fresh Bears D and did all th heavy lifting..also had 10 catches i believe..