Friday, February 16, 2007

Brady Quinn: Bust?

I love it when this stuff happens.

Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn, who hasn't thrown a pass in anger in two months, is all of a sudden a shitty player.

The Sporting News has a story out (right click to open in new screen) claiming that anonymous scouts say Quinn is a third- or fourth-round talent, and is the "biggest fraud in the draft." They compare him to Joey Harrington.

That's not good for Quinn, but I'm not buying it.

Scott Wright,
who is probably the best web source for draft news, has Quinn as the No. 1 prospect, and why not?

Here are Brady's numbers from 2005-06: 63.3 percent completion, 8.1 yards per attempt, and the kicker:


Folks, that's a 5-to-1 TD to INT ratio, and that's not commonplace -- especially when you're playing for a top-notch Division 1 team. Add the pro seasoning of playing under Charlie Weis, and Quinn as a bust just doesn't add up.

Rick Mirer, who got himself drafted No. 1 from ND 15 years ago, threw 33 TDs and 15 INTs his final 2 years.

Even Peyton Manning, who left college ball with the best INT-per-pass of all time, threw 23 INTs and 57 TDs his final two seasons.

I know college numbers don't always translate, but unless Weis is the greatest coach in the history of the world, Quinn is pretty damn good.

As a Vikings fan, I can only hope he slips to No. 7. Ah hell, the Vikings would probably be too dumb to take him anyway.

Bring back Tice!


Jacob said...

The numbers by themselves hold water, but look at them in the context of each game, especially against quality opponents.

The REAL reason some people are saying he's a fraud is because Quinn could not win a big game this year. He folds up like an oragami turtle under pressure.

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