Sunday, February 4, 2007

Live Commentary for Super Bowl XLI

5:30. Chicago is happily taking what the Colts give them, which is two yards at a crack. 4th & 9 at their 46, Desmond Clark hauls down the best pass Grossman has thrown all night, gets hit, and can't hang on. Not good, but still not enough to replace Rex as "Guy Who Cleans Up After K-Fed" in the next "Life comes at you fast" ad.

This thing is over. Now, unless you had money on it, or you're a Colts fan, all you can do is take perverse pleasure in the fact that all the Beautiful People who bitched about having the Super Bowl in places like Jacksonville, Houston and Detroit, finally got what they wanted...a certified Beautiful Person place, only to get rained on all day while you sat in the comfort of your living room. Take that, Bill Simmons.

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