Friday, February 2, 2007

Amazing coincidences

A man named Pong Unitas played two games for Washington in 1921. He was a 180-pound guard, which is pretty good sized for Pop Warner. That's not him at the right, but I bet he had similar slacks.

Anyway, Pong Unitas is not in the Hall of Fame, but Colts great Johnny Unitas is. They are the only two Unitases to play in the NFL.

The coincidence?

Pong Unitas died on October 28, 1972 -- in Baltimore. Five weeks later, on December 3, 1972, Unitas played his last game for the Colts in Baltimore and was traded to the Chargers.

25 days later, Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri was born ...

In Baltimore!

No, I'm shitting you, Vinatieri was born in Yankton, South Dakota.

But still ... insert spooky music here.

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