Monday, February 19, 2007

Brady Should've Covered Up

Now that we've all had the weekend to let the news sink in, it might be reasonable at last to raise questions about Tom Brady's judgement.

Perhaps it was a momentary lapse, like forcing the ball into Champ Bailey's coverage on 3rd down in the red zone during last years Divisional Playoff. Maybe he just misread the situation, like when he didn't notice an uncovered Reche Caldwell in this season's AFC Championship Game.

But whatever happened, we can all agree that Brady forgot the quarterback's prime directive: don't make any stupid mistakes that will cost you.

You're the 29 year old bright, shining center of the sports galaxy. Your girlfriend is more famous for dating you than any of her movie roles, unless "I, Robot" has some huge cult following we've missed. And at 36 years old, her biological clock was tolling louder than Big Ben. No dummy herself, she had to know she was starting to get competition from a certain world-class lingerie model.

A QB of Brady's experience should have read the looks Moynahan was giving him in that situation and made the only intelligent call:

Max Protection.

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dplunk said...

You gotta live by the golden rule of hookups which is 'Don't be a fool, wrap your tool.'

But hey, she is a gorgeous lady who I would like to impregnate. But when you are the golden boy, you just can't manage to slip one past the goalie.