Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Football or freakshow?

I don't want to get overly serious here, which is why I attach the picture of a monkey smoking a cigarette.

But the "celebrity" area of the NFL is creepy, and something that I wish would go away.

I thought us football fans, dumb as we are, would be above that shit.

I mean, have you ever watched "Extra" or "Entertainment Tonight"? If there is a better argument out there for serial killing, I don't know what it is. Why did Jeffrey Dahmer kill gay drifters when he could have disemboweled Mary Hart?

Celebrity culture is disgusting, and the less it comes into play in my beloved NFL, the better.

Celebrity is a drug, one of the worst ones out there. Look at what it did to Britney Spears. If she had bypassed a singing career and just started hooking at 16, she'd probably be in a similar spot at 25 -- strung out, with two fatherless kids,

It's sad, and although I would still probably do her in a desert island situation, my erotic thrusting would be tinged with regret and an air of depression.

Unlike Britney, Tom Brady has been able to avoid the drugs and weirdness that many famous folks are hit with, but we have found his weakness: celebrity tail.

Brady was crying out for a simple, down-home girl, but he wound up with actress/model types. And now, he's got to deal with a tough situation in the public spotlight. Knowing Brady, he'll turn it into a positive -- and a child, even one out of wedlock, is a positive. Brady will surely discover that soon.

All the "aw man, he gets to bang models!" stuff is predictable, but remember, no matter how beautiful a woman is there's someone who's so fucking sick of all her bullshit.

Anyway, good luck Tom. I'm sure you're looking forward to training camp to take your mind off all of this.

Join the club.


Anonymous said...

...remember, no matter how beautiful a woman is there's someone who's so fucking sick of all her bullshit.

I will testify to the veracity of your words. I had a girl back in college that was a stunner. She had green eyes, curly blonde hair, a face like an angel, and a body honed by playing tennis & swimming for the University. She was even a great cook.

However, that woman was so damned dumb & self-centered that I could not deal with her crap after 3 months. Just being around her, listening to her talk about herself and mangling the english language while doing so, would literally give me a headache. Think about someone that annoys you just by talking. Now, imagine listening to that person for hours, every day. Yeah.

My friends thought I was crazy, but I said "Hey, if you want her, take her, please." I was so happy to get rid of her.

Anonymous said...

That's why I opt for the blow-up variety woman.

They never talk back or annoy me.