Sunday, February 4, 2007

Live Commentary for Super Bowl XLI

Coin flip: Is there a surer sign that you're getting old than thinking "Geez, I'd do Lamar Hunt's widow" and you don't even have your beer goggles on yet?

Vegas was offering prop bets on everything this year. The over/under on how many correct notes Billy Joel will hit was 12. If you had the "under," start counting your money. Peyton Manning better hope Marvin Harrison holds the ball better than Billy held "gallantly stream-ing."

Pregame II: It's an amazing feeling, seeing coaching history being made. For the first time in the history of the Super Bowl, we have a coach who's named after a "Gilligan's Island" castaway. Though Major League Baseball would like to point out that they're way ahead of the NFL in this area, as they've had 75 World Series managers who've answered to the name "Skipper."

Pregame: This is the first blog I've done for Cold, Hard Football Facts, and I'm going to try to attempt to post constant updates of random nonsense that occurs to me throughout the game. For example, I just tuned in to find...Cirque de Soleil?...some group of about 500 fresh-faced multicultural youth in elaborate costumes, flipping on trampolines, walking on stilts, and dancing around to either Salsa or Samba rhythms. Frankly it was hard to tell what it was over the sound of George Halas clawing at the top of his casket.

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